Now Open New 30,000+ Square Foot Facility in Summerville, SC
Innovative Machining Technology, Inc. (IMT) has been in business for over 32 years, starting in 1988.
We are a full service machining and fabrication facility dedicated to the manufacturing of OEM components for the power industries. Our 37, 000 sq. ft. facilities are staffed with highly trained machinists, welders and technical personnel to accommodate all of our customer’s requirements. Whether it’s machining high temperature nickel alloys, EDM drilling cooling holes, non-destructive testing of materials or building a large weldment, our company is up to the task with extreme precision.
IMT is a quality supplier of components for the power industry from gas turbine, nuclear, and hydrogen generators that are in service around the globe. Our firm commitment to quality and service is the reason for our continued success. We strive to push our company into the future by constant improvement to our facilities and to our work processes. This helps us maintain a competitive edge and control waste so we can utilize our facilities to maximum efficiency. We also feel that each customer deserves specific attention to their requirements and quality standards. This is why IMT will spend time to develop processes, tooling and an efficient work scope before the contracted component is started in production.
To better service our customers, in 2008 IMT started up a sister company, Industrial Thermal Coating, Inc. (ITC) that is a full service spray coating facility. ITC is a support company for the products manufactured by IMT for the hot section of the turbine. This is just one example of how IMT strives to reduce costs and provide the utmost service and quality to our customers. We feel that innovation is the key to success and the advantage to help our company grow, as well as to provide the best service to our customers.